EngView Packaging Suite

Is professional software for structural design
and pre-production of packaging and POP/POS displays. It combines all CAD/
CAM features that help in the entire process of 2D creation, 3D modeling, realtime graphic visualization and preparation for optimal production.

Articles in CAD and Adobe® Illustrator®

EngView Package & Display Designer introduces articles, sets of front and rear graphic design of a single-part structure.
Articles provide quick visualization of the different artworks in 3D, both in EngView and Adobe® Illustrator®. With just a
click, designers can switch between variants of the graphics. They are good for one-ups and multi-part structures with
modifications of the front and rear graphics for each parts. Articles are used also in the layout, where designers can
define which articles will be printed and optimize the production run.

Complete packaging design and pre-production workflow

The new version further automates the work of packaging
professionals by enhancing the integration with Adobe®
Illustrator®. Aside from creating and applying artwork
over the one-up, graphic designers can now finish the
pre-production process by working on EngView-generated
layout directly in Adobe® Illustrator®, resulting in high
resolution files for printing.

Upgrade to Version 7

and gain a competitive advantage for your business!
The new version further optimizes the packaging design workflow by
generating files that are ready for production. Contact your local supplier to
get an upgrade quote or go to engview.com and find a reseller for your region.

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