The glue application unit

used to cover flat surfaces such as paper, leather, PVC with a thin layer of glue. The machien is able to use hot glues, which allows the use of organic adhesives of animal origin, eliminating the risk of cover waving due to the large amount of water in the glue – not requiring a long pressing time of the finished cover, reducing the time needed to clean the machine to an absolute minimum. The offered machine is a simple control, large and durable rollers made of stainless steel, standard equipped with preheating to prevent water condensation on the sheet and water supply from the tank activated by pressing a button. All this makes the work as easy as possible and eliminates many potential problems occurring when operating similar devices.

Casemaking table

allows you to work on a variety of materials with different properties. Contrary to many other solutions available on the market, the section of automatic cover turning in and pressing without complicated settings will handle cardboard in the full range of thicknesses indicated in the specification. The module used does not require an air connection and works very quietly in relation to other devices.



Gluing unit features:

  • can be used with cold glue or hot glue (recommended extra glue tank if using both, machines comes with one tank)
  • 2 stainless steel, big diameters rollers (acid resistant) for better glue application
  • Electric heater, metal tray with glue disposed into water tank heated by the heater.
  • Rollers speed fluent adjustment from panel
  • Preheating bar before metal rollers (prevents water collection on table) in standard
  • Water tank with pump for adding water to glue tank by pressing button on panel
  • In standard version made for application of glue for material from 80 gsm to 250 gsm (with optional rigid board module up to 5mm material thikcness)
  • Cleaning time after job about 5 minutes

Casemaker features:

  • Colour touch screen for settings and diagnostics
  • Motorized rollers for edge turning in and pressing the case, does not require any compressor. Silent operation.
  • Two modes- after turning in case returns to operator or can drop into back tray
  • Possibility to do pressing only or turning in and pressing.
  • Vaccum table (pump included)
  • LED cover central backlight from bottom
  • Board positioner operated by hand
  • Foot pedal for board stoppers
  • Set of magnets for cover positioning
  • Shelf for boards and covers