Fully automated sheet label production

Incredible cut accuracy and all at speeds of up to 960mm per second

The new ColorCut LC600 ‘on demand’ digital sheet label cutter is designed to provide automatic sheet label cutting for digital print production users, with NO die’s or setup costs. Targeted for busy print departments, seeking complete unattended cutting production, the LC600 combines reliable label-sheet feeding with an instant job retrieval system – this enables effortless, yet precise, kiss cut label cutting at lightning-fast speeds.

Stack up to 250 sheets – and go…

Load the stacker and leave the LC600 to work unattended. Concealed catch tray stores finished sheets.

Thanks to its unique ‘Y’ feed path, media is drawn in and reversed back out on the LC600’s cutting bed, to ensure continual, faultless feeding. The LC600’s space-saving media catch tray slides away when not in use ensuring that the LC600 can easily be accommodated in any print shop. Load up and leave LC600 to get on with its job.

Software handles mixed cut files

The Vision3 CCD video camera is QR code enabled to read each sheet as it is presented and instantly retrieve the associate cut file.

The LC600 offers an unparalleled production advantage, in being able to read and instantly retrieve the associated cut file for every sheet design – on the fly! It can take a varied stack of jobs and cut one after the other, in a seamless and uninterrupted flow. QR codes and SmartMarks are generated as part of the included ColorCut Pro software plugin which integrates with vector artwork created in Adobe® Illustrator® and CorelDRAW®

Faultless feeding and cutting

Dual grip roller bars ensure positive media handling.

Its ‘Dual Grip’ feed system holds the media during cutting, on BOTH sides of the cutting head, enabling it to cut closer to the media edges than most other types of cutter.

Cut mixed jobs

QR coded sheets enables automatic cut file retrieval.

No skilled operator required for cutting! When creating jobs, ColorCut Pro applies an auto-assigned (editable) QR code to each design, whilst auto-saving the cutting file to the ColorCut Pro Job Library. The CCD video camera within the tool head reads the QR code as each sheet is presented and instantly retrieves the associated cut file.