Processing quality

MODELA MDX-540 is a desktop CNC milling machine. It is equipped with precision 400W spindles that minimize vibrations during processing for accurate outputs. It is capable of milling at high speed always producing smooth surfaces and edges. It has a mechanical resolution of 0.00004 inches (0.001mm).


The MODELA MDX-540 can process a wide selection of non-proprietary materials. It can mill ABS, nylon, FDA approved resins, plastics, hardwood and plywood, metals, and others.

CNC machine controls

The CNC machine can be controlled via both a handheld controller and a Virtual Control Panel. The Handy panel lets you operate the device from a distance, while the Virtual controller lets you control it from a computer. They allow managing several settings, including the spindle speed.


The machine is equipped with digital AC servo motors and feed-forward processing. It features a handheld controller for streamlined operation and comes integrated with intuitive CAM software. It can be easily upgraded by installing optional equipment, including a time and error-saving Rotary Axis and an Automatic Tool Changer. MODELA MDX-540 is ideal for engineers, designers, educators, and makers. Read the review for additional info.