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Reliable Quality

Known for its solid fabrication, robust mechanical parts, high-tech electronics and simplicity if use.

Dual Operations

Using a dual tool cutting/creasing carriage head. Each tool operates independently reducing operations time.

FB8000PRO 2

Save Time and Money

The use of advanced digital cutting technology enables you to cut any shape on demand no setup cost.

Vacuum hold down

Printed sheets are held securely in place by vacuum, which is produced by a powerful 750W high speed pump.

Automated flatbed cutters

FB8000 PRO

ColorCut FB8000PRO Generation 2

In conjunction with ColorCut Pro3 software, the FB8000’s firmware has been re-engineered with intelligent cutting algorithms to deliver a truly outstanding performance. This makes the new generation Intec FB8000PRO up to 40% faster than its predecessor.

The advanced auto sheet feeder delivers precise media handling for a perfectly synchronised, high speed, digital die cutting system.

The auto sheet feeder enables users to stack up to 25kg – up to 2,000 of printed media, which is loaded on to the cutting mat using a pneumatic feed system with vacuum pick up suction pads and a sophisticated air blade system, to help eliminate miss feeds.

FB8000PRO overhead bella action blur 600x400px

The FB8000PRO has been remastered

The Intec FB8000 digital cutting system fulfils the needs of higher volume production users where unattended operation is key.The complete FB8000PRO system combines an inline suction auto-feeder to fully optimise the high speed of the cutting table. With its exceptional loading efficiency and reliability, the sheet feeder turns the Intec cutter into a fully automated production machine.

FB8000PRO the complete flagship system combining the ASF8000 Auto Sheet Feeder with the FB8000 digital cutter and catch tray assembly

Fully automated production workflow for sheeted materials For unattended production

FB8000 Sheet fed cutter Perfect for higher volume digital cutting of larger sheets, enhanced with productivity mode for multiple sheet cutting. Cut material and/or waste is advanced along the table belt and deposited into the output tray

ASF8000 Auto Sheet Feeder Stacked, printed sheets are hydraulically lifted with suction cups and loaded onto the FB8000’s cutting surface – in perfect synchronisation

FB8000 PRO Gen2

The Intec FB8000PRO digital cutting system enables affordable unattended, automated cutting for digital print production users.

The Intec ColorCut FB8000PRO enables users to stack their digitally printed jobs on to the FB8000PRO’s integrated auto-feeder. The in line auto-feeder utilises a pneumatic vacuum feed system to deliver the cutting jobs on to the FB8000’s continuous feed cutting belt, where each sheet is brought into register using a high resolution CCD camera. The Vision3 registration system also reads QR codes to automatically retrieve the appropriate cutting file, enabling the FB8000 to cut and crease with exceptional efficiency and reliability. The Auto-sheet feeder turns the Intec cutter into a fully automated production machine.


img product1


Maximum media area: 500mm x 700mm

Media hold-down method: High speed 750W vacuum suction system

Cutting mat: Superior felt cutting one piece replaceable continuous be

Tools: Dual tool functionality. 3 tools supplied as standard: Blade holder, creasing tool & pen tool

Output tray : Adjustable collection tray

Registration system: High speed Vision Registration System using live CCD video fee


  • 01 Auto Feeding Flatbed
  • 02 The print show
  • 03 FB8000 Unveiling

ColorCut Brochure

Get the full Intec ColorCut FB8000 Gen 2 brochure to view on screen or download to your device.​

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