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Offering a variety of foils, laminates and holographic film supplies.


Using technically advanced materials to ensure the highest quality results.

ColorFlare Variety Pack CFMETSTART web 1920px 1024x357


Using these materials to further add stunning effects to finished prints.


Designed to work with ALL toner-based outputs and printers.

Foils, laminates & holographic supplies


Coloured metallic foils, laminates and holographic film supplies

ColorFlare consumables are manufactured directly for Intec to the highest possible standards. They offer class leading affordability, providing some of the most technically advanced laminate and foils available today, ensuring the highest quality results on both lithographic and digital prints.

In fact, ColorFlare foils are designed to work with ALL toner-based output and not just Intec devices. Therefore, foiling can be added to printed sheets produced on any make or model of toner-based copier or digital printer!

All ColorFlare foils are supplied on industry standard 3″ (77mm) cores, and contain 300 metres of material (5 x more than many 1″ core alternatives!). The rolls are 320mm (12.6′) wide.

Laminates also form part of the ColorFlare consumables range and includes the superb Megabond* digital silk touch, which is digitally over-printable – perfect for adding foils and holographic effects to toner-printed sheets! A choice of other traditional matt and gloss finishes is also available. Laminate rolls are 315mm (12.4″) wide and contain 1000 metres of material. (*Megabond digital silk touch, is available in 500

Holographic films are available to further add stunning effects to the finished print – special effects such as, Carbon Fibre, Sparkle, Crystal and Milky Way, currently form the range.

Samples can be requested for your chosen finish.

ColorFlare carbon fibre holographic mirror hangers slice

High quality OPP single sided laminating film suitable for litho/offset print and most digitally produced media applications

Very affordable, yet high quality general purpose laminate for offset prints and light coverage digital prints.

ColorFlare silver foiled menu slice
ColorFlare Variety Pack CFMETSTART web 1920px 1024x357

Why not try the ColorFlare Variety Pack?

we offer a range of colored flaring foils and films to add special effects to your prints

order one of our new Variety Packs today!
It contains 5 special length 60m rolls of some of our most popular coloured metallic foils: Silver, Red, Green, Pink, Rose Gold.

These will give users an affordable opportunity to experiment with a wider range of finishes – and also have a broader choice in stock, to offer customers. Click the button below to place your order today!

Stock code: CFMETSTART


Click the data sheet images below, to view full size in a new window and also download to your device if you wish.

ColorFlare Media Identifier 27062019 Page 2 1024x1448
ColorFlare Media Identifier 27062019 Page 1 1024x1448

CF1200 Pro range in action

Testimonial – wedding book

CF350 & CF750 launched at exhibition

Holographics added then cut to shape

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