Guillotines – GRAFCUT 73H

Grafcut is a Polish brand  making paper cutters, hard cover equipment and other finishing machines designed and fully manufactured in Europe. We are an experienced manufacturers of machinery for graphic arts with 40 years of practice in paper converting industry.

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GRAFCUT 73H fully hydraulic guillotine for heavy-duty cutting

  • cutting the maximum format 730 mm width x 730 mm depth
  • high cutting accuracy 0,1 mm of max paper stack up to 100 mm
  • 25 mm smallest cut (50mm with false clamp )
  • knife & clamp full hydraulic system with adjustable pressure (fluent adjustment on operator panel)
  • servomotor driven backguage, highest precision
  • safety lock for knife
  • photocell safety curtain
  • electronic micoroadjustment crank for electro-mechanical backguage
  • foot-pedal for material pre-clamping
  • stainless steel tables surface
  • side tables in standard
  • air table- front and back in standard
Cutting width 730 mm
Cutting depth 710 mm (program mode)/ 730 mm (manual mode)
Cutting height 100 mm
Blade drive Hydraulic
Clamp drive Hydraulic
Backguage Servomotor with electronic microadjustment crank
Smallest cut 25 mm without false clamp (50 mm with false clamp)
Front table lenght 640 mm
Front table height 925 mm
Side tables dimension 376 x 658 mm
Cutting accuracy 0,1 mm
Power supply 400V/50 Hz, 3,8 kW (Europe) -*other voltages available
Dimensions w/o side tables 1105 x 1755 x 1460 (H) mm
Dimensions with side tables 1855 x 1755 x 1460 (H) mm
Net weight 600 kg
Colour RAL7004 – signal grey
Dimension and weight with export package 1750 x 1250 x 1640 mm(H) , 669 kg