UV53 Flat UV Coating Machine

The UV53 offers competitive cost of investment for the machine and the cost of consumables in the long term is remarkably lower than lamination.

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UV coating is a process whereby a polymer resin changes from a liquid to a solid with the help of an ultraviolet light source. UV coating can be a direct replacement for lamination and provides a protective covering that adds value to any document, increasing the vibrancy and richness of its colours (as well as protection from scratching and fingerprints).

Max. sheet width 530 mm (no limitation of paper length)
Paper gsm range 130 – 450 gsm
Speed electronically adjustable in range 3-20 m/min
Varnish coat thickness 5 – 25,4 micron
Dimensions 830 x 940 x 1000 mm
Weight ~200 kg
Power supply 3 phase 400V/50Hz, fuse 32A
Note *coating effect depends on the varnish type as well as on the type and quality of paper. The best coating result can be reached on the gloss, coated papers. Uncoated papers absorb varnish and UV varnishing effect may not be satisfying.