Intec ColorCut FB9000PRO

Ultra-fast performance, automatic Digital die flatbed cutter with class-leading forces for both die-cutting & creasing.

Intec’s premium, FB9000PRO Automated Digital Die Cutter, delivers lightning-speed performance and unparalleled media control and has a highly sophisticated – but user-friendly production functionality.

Advanced component technology delivers creasing forces of up to 1.5kg and a cutting force of up to 1.2kg – perfect for media up to 1,000 microns.

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Creative on-demand digital print finishing, prototyping and production for packaging and POS.

Intec’s advanced, fully automated digital die cutter delivers lightning speed performance, unparalleled media control and highly sophisticated – but user-friendly – production functionality.

This premium build system has a high capacity rapid feeder, paired with a large format continuous belt cutting table, and media collection tray, which together offer synchronised autofeed/load and eject for exceptional productivity.


Max media area:
(auto sheet feed) 480mm x 720mm
(manual placement) 550mm x 850mm (no mark scanning)

Effective cutting area:
(auto sheet feed) 480mm x 720mm
(manual placement) 495mm x 735mm

Registration system:
High speed CCD Camera – Vision3 Registration System, using live video feed and advanced 8th generation ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark System)

Job recognition:
Advanced QR code technology for instant file recognition and registration

Stand: integral and included

Media hold down method:  2 zone vacuum bed (High speed 750W vacuum pump included as standard)

Acoustic cover for pump: yes

Acoustic features: Acoustic cover/housing for vacuum pump, silencer for vacuum pump intake


Mountable tools: dual tool functionality, so any 2 tools can be fitted simultaneously – 3 tools supplied as standard: Blade holder, creasing tool & pen calibration tool

Cutting force: Up to 1.2kg
Creasing force: Up to 1.5kg


Uncrated: Length: 1,000mm (39.37″) Width: 2,500mm (98.42″) Depth: 1,600mm (62.99″)

Key points

  • Digital die cutter for on-demand cutting
  • Dual tool head for clean cutting, crisp creasing, scoring and perforation – with up to 1.2kg cutting force and 1.5kg crease force
  • Cut up to 1,000 micron media
  • Auto sheet feeding for high productivity
  • High-capacity stacker accepts up to 25kg (2,000 sheets) of printed media
  • Adjustable pneumatic suction media pick up
  • High-speed synchronised feeding
  • Continuous belt cutting table for high
  • productivity
  • Driven by ColorCut Pro software
  • QR coded Job Library for file retrieval
  • Optical camera for accurate registration
  • Portrait and landscape sheet fed orientation
  • Mixed jobs can be loaded and cut
  • Media choices – cut your project from thick FB board or kiss cut label media
  • Ease of set-up and use with no requirement for dedicated operators/previous knowledge or specialised expertise
  • Optional ColorCut Pro Server Station