Intec ColorFlare CF1200

The CF1200 model range includes: CF1200L and CF1200LX. Both models, it deliver superb foiling, lamination and holographics. Featuring the easy-to-use touch control panel, and the innovative ‘burst separation’ system ensuring clean perpendicular trims between sheets. Current models now also ship with the up-rated air compressor and new ‘pull roll control’ function for improved foiling results.

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CF1200L features the new ‘extended inclined delivery table’, perfect for enhancing semi automatic feeding and also long media. Furthermore, this model comes with the ‘premium finish flaring assembly’, which helps achieve a superior mirror finish when foiling large areas – as well as all the standard features of the CF1200 base model.

CF1200LX is the flagship model and features all of the above, plus it also comes with the advanced ‘2nd flaring roller assembly’, which allows a laminate and a foil roll to be resident on the machine at the same time – reducing set up times and enabling a much faster switch between media.


Laminating speed: 1.5m/min ~ 10m/min
Base substrate thickness: 100 ~ 400gm2
Front roller diameter:
Top: high glossy chrome 100mm
Bottom: silicon 80mm
Rear roller diameter: Silicon 55mm
Power requirement: AC 220~240V, 50/60Hz, 12A
Power consumption: 2.8kw
Warm-up time: 5 minutes
Heating system: Infrared heater
Laminating temperature: Maximum 150°C
Temperature control: Capacitive touch screen
Speed control: Capacitive touch screen
Display system: LCD Panel
Roller pressure: Pneumatic cylinder
Film core size: 77mm (3″) / Dual – 58mm, 50mm
Air compressor: 100 psi maximum pressure,
3.2 CFM open flow (50 Hz)
Temperature sensing method: Thermo-couple inserted in the
roller shell
Net weight: 187kg


  • the extended, inclined delivery table
  • premium finish flaring assembly for smoother foil output
  • premium finish flaring assembly for smoother foil output

Key points

    • NEW Even more pneumatic pressure
        • NEW Ships with premium finish flaring assembly*
        • NEW Level, +5° or +10° inclined delivery table
        • NEW Lamination pull roll control
        • Advanced dual process for lamination and foil flaring technologies for digital applications
        • Multiple jobs and flaring effects possible with just 1 machine
        • up to 10 metres per minute
        • 2,500 SRA4 sheets per hour
        • Burst separation wheel
        • 100 – 400gsm / micron
        • No need to have traditional UV coating for diverse effects


Will ColorFlare consumables be compatible with my device?
As they are supplied on industry standard 3″ (77mm) cores, this makes them compatible with most laminator/foilers. (always check device before ordering).

Are they budget or premium quality?
All ColorFlare consumables have been developed especially by Intec to deliver premium results for demanding professional users. Adhesion, surface finish and transfer properties are all designed for optimum performance and effect.

How affordable are they?
ColorFlare foils contain 300 metres of material (5 x more than many 1″ core alternatives!). Laminate rolls contain 1,000 metres. This fact, plus Intec’s competitive pricing, makes ColorFlare the most affordable option available.